New Website, New Book, New The Whole Lot

“Everyone seems to have a book out now”

The third book of Irish Mammies is out now!  Get a signed copy here. I know it’s early but it is earlier tis getting.

Christmas – a time for peace, joy and Mammies.

While others are focusing on Santa/Santy, the school nativity play, the office party and its wild cousin the Twelve Pubs, panicked present shopping and the delicate diplomacy of in-law visiting, the Irish Mammy is mobilized in her war-room – ready for the campaign.

Electric blankets have been set to maximum power; cards have been despatched; the turkey has been ordered; the decorations have been retrieved from the Place Where The Decorations Go and the fifth Big Shop (to get breadcrumbs) has been completed.

And there’s some new tea towels and mugs added to the shop!