In late 2012, comedian Colm O’Regan wanted to create a jpeg* that looked like a typical** Irish Mammy*** had a Twitter**** Account. He thought the easiest thing to do would be to set up an account and thus @irishmammies was born. The account of the mammy soon became more popular than the son and now has more than 150,000 followers.

Colm wondered what would it be like to make a book out of the wit, wisdom, views, hopes, fears, challenges, reactions, advice of the Irish Mammy.

He wrote Isn’t It Well For Ye, The Book Of Irish Mammies in 2012. It was nominated for an Irish Book Award and was in the best-sellers charts on an off for about 6 months. Never one to not spot a trend, Colm wasted no time in writing the most anticipated sequel since 50 SHades Darker when he released ‘That’s More Of It Now, the second Book Of Irish Mammies‘ which was also a best-seller. And shur while he was there, he might as well write another one. Published in October 2014, It’s Earlier Tis Getting, The Christmas Book of Irish Mammies   – the third in the thrillogy***** which by uncommon consent is the best one yet.


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* A picture on the computer
** There is of course no typical Irish Mammy. Every one is different but there might be a few characteristics that many might share. Only some one with ‘notions’ would claim to encapsulate every Irish mother in a few words.
*** Irish word for Mama, Mam, Mother, Mum, Mater, Mamaw, Joan (if your mother’s name is Joan but she’d give you a look if you called her that)
**** An Internet site you go to to write text messages to the world. Also something to do when you are avoiding a niggly task at work.
***** Spelling so as not to rule out any further ones.