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Wooden Spoon Apron

Who wants to lick the wooden spoon?

Perfect gift or stocking-filler. Designed and printed in Ireland, 100%  Cotton

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Set of 4 Tea Towels

The old reliables!

Set of 4 tea towels.
The Good Scissors
Visitor Biscuits
St Anthony

Printed in Ireland, 100% White Woven Cotton, 50cm x70cm

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Bolloxology (Signed by Author)

Have you ever wondered why pretentiousness, jargon, bullshit and having notions above our station are so rife in the world today?

Well, there’s now a recognized science that studies all of these forms of self-delusion. Welcome to the world of Bolloxology. We might not know it, but the modern world has subjected all of us to some form of Bolloxology.

It’s that moment when you’ve paid twenty euro for fish and chips just so it can be served on a piece of slate.

It’s when you share yet another inspirational quote of the day against your better judgement.

It’s when you realize you haven’t understood a word that politician has said to you on your doorstep, yet you feel strangely compelled to take a selfie with him.

It’s about the passion, the ‘key learnings’, the artisan chutney, the instacelebs.

It’s about time, for Bolloxology.

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Isnt it well for ye
Isn’t It Well For Ye – The book of Irish Mammies (Signed by Author)

A BOOK if you don’t mind! And him with a degree and a job and all.

Everyone should have an Irish Mammy. She’s never short of advice, a kind word and a cup of tea (making sure to scald the teapot first, of course).

Bring the coat anyway. If it’s too hot you can take it off.

Explore the phenomenon of the Irish Mammy and what she might say about everything from the ‘new mass’ to the cardinal sin of not owning a cough bottle and the importance of airing clothes properly.

So if you’re an Irish Mammy, have one, know one or suspect you might be turning into one, this book will act as your guide.

Shortlisted for Best Irish Published Book of the Year at the Irish Book Awards

A hilarious analysis of the woman in all our lives … It deserves an award just for the title.
Irish Independent

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Set of 4 Mugs

Set of 4 Irish Mammy Mugs.

Those biscuits are for the Visitors
Did you say a prayer to St Anthony?
Don’t be acting the Maggot
Haven’t you enough Gallivanting for one week?

Dishwasher and microwave safe earthenware mugs, designed and printed in Ireland.

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Gallivanting Mug

Have you looked outside. The weather is MISERABLE! Why not stay in and have a nice cup of tea instead?

Dishwasher and microwave safe earthenware mug, designed and printed in Ireland.

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Visitor Biscuits Mug

Have a plain one, it’ll do you grand.

Dishwasher and microwave safe earthenware mug, designed and printed in Ireland.

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Acting the Maggot Mug

Stop messing and trick acting for one minute and have a nice cup of tea.

Dishwasher and microwave safe earthenware mug, designed and printed in Ireland.

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St Anthony Mug

What are you tearing the place up for? Sit down and have a word with himself.  The yoke you’re missing will turn up alright.

Dishwasher and microwave safe earthenware mug, designed and printed in Ireland.

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It's earlier 'tis getting
It’s earlier ’tis getting – The Christmas book of Irish Mammies (Signed by Author)

Christmas – a time for peace, joy and Mammies.

While others are focusing on Santa/Santy, the school nativity play, the office party and its wild cousin the Twelve Pubs, panicked present shopping and the delicate diplomacy of in-law visiting, the Irish Mammy is mobilized in her war-room – ready for the campaign. Electric blankets have been set to maximum power; cards have been dispatched; the turkey has been ordered; the decorations have been retrieved from the Place Where The Decorations Go and the fifth Big Shop (to get breadcrumbs) has been completed.

There are homecomings from near and far, new arrivals, drama, bustle, tears and laughter, and Mammy at the heart of it all, directing operations.

There’s bound to be something she’s forgotten – but luckily, just like a certain someone, she’s made a list.

Book 3 in the Thrillogy and already destined to be a best-seller. This book is a perfect companion to the hundred and twelve days of Christmas. And in the early days after Christmas when it’s a little grim, It’s Earlier Tis Getting provides a special chapter at the end for a pickmeup.

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That's More Of It Now
That’s more of it now – The second book of Irish Mammies (Signed by Author)

Colm O’Regan’s massive bestseller Isn’t It Well For Ye? The Book of Irish Mammies brought the wonderful world of the Irish Mammy to homes across Ireland, where it took pride of place alongside the good scissors and the bit of string that might come in handy someday. And now, before you can say “Is it that time already?”, Irish Mammy is back with more words of wisdom.

That’s More Of It Now: The Second Book of Irish Mammies takes us even deeper into this parallel universe, with advice on everything from how to tell Mammy she is about to become a Granny to how to discipline a child (aged 0–45), touching on Irish Mammies’ role in the worlds of sport, the workplace, technology, religion and culture. Enjoy popular fairy-tales retold with an Irish Mammy at the centre of them; marvel at exclusive, not-yet-released scenes from the epic Game of Scones; and find some essential apps for the Modern Mammy’s tablet.

Probably the most important sequel since The Godfather Part II, or at least Fifty Shades Darker, That’s More Of It Now will find a place in everybody’s heart (and stocking). Just don’t leave it on a damp step.

A hilarious and moving tome from one of our leading comics’ Hot Press Magazine

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Tweet towels 2014 print2
St Anthony Tea Towel

No matter what your religion, if you left an object in a Safe Place and it’s not there now, Saint Anthony will sort you out. From eye-drops to iPads, sure give him a shout. It can’t do any harm.

Perfect gift or stocking-filler. Designed and printed in Ireland, 100% White Woven Cotton, 50cm x70cm

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